Netflix has reached a place that 99.99% of companies can only dream of: it has firmly embedded itself in our daily lives, and it has done so right in front of our eyes.

Below you will see an extract from the Irish Times. It is essentially a TV guide for the month ahead. It assumes that everyone has Netflix, we all assume everyone has Netflix.

For a subscription-based platform, this is the holy grail — going beyond that wall where you are no longer a consumer decision. People don’t want to be the only ones without something. That self-imposed pressure is gold.

How can those in other industries get to that point of being viewed as just another one of our fixed monthly costs like electricity, gym, phone bill, and internet?

There is so much more involved than ad campaigns at play here. It is cultural and behavioral. It is working every single algorithm, examining every piece of data in order to keep serving us tailored incentives that send us further down their rabbit hole.

The likes of Amazon and Netflix have entered our lives like a slow, rising tide and, until someone can do better, they are here to stay.

For those who can get beyond that opportunity cost barrier and into the land of subconscious spending, tremendous rewards await. #marketing #data #netflix

Irish - living in Madrid. Write about Spain, its cities and culture; real people and places; current affairs. Supporter of real journalism.

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