• Ana Valenciano

    Ana Valenciano

    a tale about a film about a podcast about an artwork about a comic. intertwined stories of a cross-cultural lifelong learner. ES/EN

  • Christina Hoag

    Christina Hoag

    Journalist, novelist, world traveller. Author of novels “Skin of Tattoos” and “Girl on the Brink.” Ex foreign correspondent & TCK. www.christinahoag.com

  • Mike O'Keeffe

    Mike O'Keeffe

  • Mark Avison

    Mark Avison


  • dimitar dimitrov

    dimitar dimitrov

  • Michaelhodgkiess


  • Jehivian Hernandez

    Jehivian Hernandez

    Puerto Rican. Two master's degree in political science from UCL(UK). Podcaster: "La Vieja Confiable…" New hobby: knitting and Crocheting.

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